Have you ever fall in love with a stranger? Like when you see someone who attracts you so much in the bus or in the train. Just a moment, but that someone already make your heart flutters. I do feel that now. I see this girl in the train. To say that she’s beautiful is understatement because she’s beyond beautiful, she’s amazing. Her face feature, her body shape, her curly black hair, her white skin, everything just so perfect. I knew no one is perfect, but she’s perfect in my eyes. Maybe God was in the good mood when He was created her.

            Then her eyes meet mine. Her dark black orbs are pulling me in. I know I shall turn my head away, but her eyes are trapping me. Oh, damn! She’s walking toward me and make my heart is fluttering so much. She’s a stranger yet has this strong effect to me. Then I hear her voice. Oh. My. God! I think her husky voice is the sweetest melody that I ever heard. Damn! This girl really knows how to make me trap into her. She’s standing a hand away from me, her eyes are still staring at me and she smiles. Please, God, spare my weak heart.

            “Hi! I’m Stephanie. I know we just meet, but can you help me?”

            Oh, my! Anything for you, Stephanie, but no, I won’t reply her like that. I don’t want her to think I try flirt with her. Even though, it’s the fact.

            “W-what I-I c-can do f-for y-you?” okay, now she’ll think that something is wrong with me.

            “I really need to go to my campus now because I have an exam. If I not take the exam today, I’ll get an F for my score. However, I lost my wallet and I don’t have enough money to go to the campus. I just have this left,” she shows me her T-money card—the card that used to pay for the train expense, “because I hold this card the entire time, but after I get off from the train, I still need to take the bus and I really have no money. So, if I ask you to lend me some money, is it okay with you?”

            “O-okay.” I nod my head immediately. I open my backpack, search my wallet, and then give her a few bills to her. “Are this enough?”

            “Yes, I think this is enough. What’s your name?”

            Oh my God! She’s asking my name! “T-Taeyeon.”

            She chuckles. “You’re so cute, Taeyeon.”

            I feel my cheeks hotter because of it. “T-thanks, Stephanie.”

            “You’re welcome. Now, give me your number so I can call you when I want to give your money back.” She hands me her phone, IPhone 6 plus, the rose gold one.

            Like stuttering isn’t enough, my hands are trembling with her phone on my hands. This goddess really makes me crazy inside out. After put my number in her contact list, I hand her phone back.

            “I really, really thank you, Taeyeon. I’ll call you later.” She smiles widely shows her eye smile.

            This Stephanie kills me! Her eye smile is the most beautiful I’ve ever see. I stay frozen with my eyes still lock at her back that walk away from me, getting out from the train.


            After that day, I wait for her call every day. I repeat, every day. Her face, her husky sexy voice, and her perfume—did I ever mention how alluring her perfume to me?—are still lingering in my mind. I don’t know this is love or not, but all I know is she mesmerized me.

            A few months and she still not call me yet. I’m starting to doubt her. Was she just played with me? My question is answer a few days later. The goddess that blows my mind and heart is a thief. Can I repeat it? She’s a thief! She always told lie to made people gave money to her. She also aware with her appearance and she used it well. It’s sarcastic by the way. So, people would blind with her beauty and said yes to her.

            Okay, its shock me. I was really her victim. She just played with me. Another of her victims reported her to the police and the police—after investigated a few months—finally arrests her today. I know it when I watch the television. News about her becomes headline today.

            Damn! I know. I fell to a thief, but how could you expected her to be a thief when she was so gorgeous? I was so stupid and all this time, I was so stupid to wait for her call. I shall end this stupidness of mine.


            Seoul station. It has been 8 years since I used the train. Since I knew that Stephanie—if that was really her name—was a thief and arrested, I hate the train because it’s just reminded me how stupid I was that time. Instead of the train, I used the bus to go to the campus. After graduated, I accepted at the SM Company and now—after 5 years of hard work—I become a manager.

            Usually I go to the office used my car, but today my car had some troubles made me couldn’t turn on the engine. So, I decided to use the train again. Unlike 8 years ago, today nothing weird is happen. I feel thankful for that. I don’t know how that girl is doing. Sometimes, I imagined that she will appear in front of me again and tries to do what she did years ago: lied to me and took my money.

            I’m neither that rich nor my family. The money that she took supposed to buy a gift for my mother because that day was my mother’s birthday yet I just gave it to a girl who I didn’t really know, just because she was pretty. I knew I was stupid, don’t remind me again. That girl was my weakness: I couldn’t resist pretty girl.

            08.40 AM, I already arrive at my office. I ride the lift to the 9th floor. Many of my coworker bows to me and I just nod slightly to them. Five minutes after I take a sit on my chair at my office room, the telephone that inside of my office is ringing.

            “Kim Taeyeon here.” I answer the call formally.

            “Good you’re already arrive. Come see me at my office.” A deep voice of a man that I really know is spoken through the telephone. It’s the SMs’ director, Mr. Lee Soo Man.

            “Yes, Sir.”

            After the call, I walk toward the lift and press number 11. I just need seconds to get off from the lift at the 11th floor. There’s just one office room on this floor: the directors’ office. A beautiful girl yet so cold named Jessica Jung greets me and tells me that the director awaits me inside. I knock and get in after I hear Mr. Lee Soo Mans’ voice that asks me to come in.

            “Good morning, Taeyeon. Sit, please.” Mr. Lee Soo Man smiles and I don’t know why I feel something is odd with him today. He walks to the couch—black leather couch—that in the center of his office.

            I sit in front of him. “Is it something wrong, Sir?”

            “Oh, no, Taeyeon, everything is okay. Don’t worry. It’s good news actually.” He says and his smile is wider.

            “O…kay. What is it, Sir?” I can’t control my curious.

            “I find your new secretary, but I hope you won’t fire her up so quickly like your last time secretary.” He chuckles.

            “I’m sorry, Sir, but the latest secretary was lacked in so many areas. I work fine without secretary, Sir. So, you no need to find me one actually.” I reason out.

            “I know you’re doing okay even though you’re working alone. However, have secretary is a must for you. She’s already here and come in any seconds.”

            After he finishes, a knock is coming from the door. Mr. Lee Soo Man smiles happily. I don’t know why he finds me a secretary without tell me before. We were always selected it together.

            When the door opens, a woman in short black skirt, white shirt, black wavy hair, and blood red lipstik on her lips, walks in. she smiles widely and that makes her eyes becomes a perfect crescent moon. She’s bowing 90 degree to both of us—me and Mr. Lee Soo Man—and sits beside Mr. Lee Soo Man. They’re talking, but the weird thing is I can’t hear their conversation at all. I don’t realize my jaw is hanging widely until I see a hand in front of me. That woman is giggling when I just stare her hand with jaw open. When I finally back to my senses, I clear my throat and reach her hand. Oh, I must be look so stupid.

            “Hello, I’m Stephanie Hwang or you can call me Tiffany.”

            Oh. My. God! I thought it’s just my imagination, but it’s really her, the girl that lied to me and took my money, the Stephanie who made me crazy. I must be having a bad luck because I meet her again after all those years.

            “K-Kim T-T-Taeyeon.” Oh, damn! After many years, she still has this power to me: make me stutter in front of her.

            “She’s my niece, Taeyeon. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before about this, but I can assure that she’ll be a good secretary for you. So, please take care of her well,” says Mr. Lee Soo Man.

            Ah, that’s why Mr. Lee Soo Man didn’t ask my opinion before he chosen this woman to be my secretary. However, if she has a rich uncle like Mr. Lee Soo Man, why she became a thief? Was it just for fun?

            “Nice to meet you, Kim Taeyeon. I hope we can make a great team. Please take care of me.” Stephanie or Tiffany, whatever, is showing her eye smile again.

            This Stephanie is back. If I say she was gorgeous, now she’s beyond that—if that is really exist. This woman will be the death of me if I’m not careful. I don’t know if Mr. Lee Soo Man knew her past—a thief—but maybe she already changed, not stolen money again.

            However, I must admit that she’s so expert at the robbing area, especially with steals peoples’ hearts. This time I know, realize, and admit that Stephanie Hwang is stealing my heart. Damn and stupid I know, but what will you expect when a goddess sits in front of you and throwing her perfect eye smile? Just one you’ll do—or two?—fall to her trap and give your heart away to her, like I’m doing now.


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