Perfect Stranger

“Why life is so suck?”

Like usual—like days before—she’ll talks about anything. It’s amusing me how she likes never run of words. Today she looks gloomy. I’m a little bit sad not see her awesome-killer-smile that made her eyes like a crescent moon. I don’t know her name, but she almost every day becoming my passenger. I’m a taxi driver that always waits for my passenger in front of her office building.

“Is there a problem, Miss?”

“Yeah, my boss wasn’t satisfied with my work. He wanted me to change it. It was so easy for him to say like that, but I did it 5 days straight and it made me lack of slept. I hate him.” Her eyes looking out the window then releases a deep sigh.

“You know what you need most now, Miss?”

“What is it?” she asks nonchalant.

“An ice cream.” I grin. Ice cream always success brings my mood raise up.

“Okay, let’s eat an ice cream.” She agrees immediately.

I take her to one of my favorite ice cream shop. She buys a strawberry flavor ice cream for her and vanilla flavor for me. We’re eating it in my taxi.

“I believe you can do it, Miss.” I try to encourage my favorite passenger.

She sighs. “Thank you.” She tries to smile, but it isn’t my favorite smile.

“Fighting for you, Miss! Cheer up!” I say with full of enthusiasm and a big grin on my face.

“Thank you again. Be careful on your way back. See you tomorrow.” She forces another smile then get off from my taxi and walks in to her apartment building.


“Where have you been? I didn’t see you for 7 days.”

Her first question as soon as she gets in to my taxi surprises me. I don’t know how she can know that I wasn’t around. She always surprises me. I glance at her from the rear view mirror and see that she glares at me. She looks angry.

“I’m always here, Miss.” Well, I lie. I was sick, suffered from cold and flu. So, I rested at home and didn’t go to work for days.

“No, I didn’t see your car. I knew your car, Miss Kim. So, don’t tell lie to me. Answer me, where have you been?” Her voice is so demanding.

She gives me a tell-me-honestly-or-I’ll-kill-you-look. She also rarely called my name, but when she did it, I knew that she was in serious mood. I don’t know why she looks angry just because she didn’t see me for 7 days. We weren’t lovers, heck, even we aren’t friend. We are just a taxi driver and her passenger.

“I was sick, Miss. That is why I didn’t go to work.” I give her my honest answer.

Her tell-me-honestly-or-I’ll-kill-you-look changes to worry look. “You were sick? How about now? Are you okay now? Was it bad? Were you going to hospital? What was doctor said?” She bombards me with question.

I chuckle. It’s funny to see her worry toward me when we are just stranger that often meet. “It was just cold and flu, Miss. I’m totally okay now. Thank you for your concern.”

“I was really bored without you. I dislike other taxi drivers because they were always tried to flirt with me. You know Nickhun? That guy is really persistent. When you weren’t around, he was a little bit forced me to take his taxi. I prefer took a bus than his taxi. So, I was happy when saw your taxi earlier.”

I can feel her stares and when I glance at her from the rear view mirror, she isn’t stopping her stare. I feel something is tickling inside my body. Her stares, I don’t understand it, there’s something, but I don’t know what is it.

“Happy?” My eyes back to the road. “But I remembered that you looked angry as soon as you hopped in to my taxi, Miss.”

She releases frustrate sigh. “I told you I was bored without you. I didn’t want another taxi driver. I just want you.”

She just wants me? Why it sounds so different to my ear?  Her words make my heart flutter and feel happy, but I hold in my smile.

“So, when I wasn’t around, what transportation you used, Miss?” I try to sound nonchalant.

“I took the bus and it was so crowded. You know how I hate crowded bus or subway, but I also hate that Nickhun guy. See the struggle?”

I still feel her eyes at the back of my head. I think she’ll soon make a hole at my head. I knew Nickhun and yeah, he’s so in love with her. He never stop to bothered me: asked her name—heck, I also don’t know her name, but she knew my name because of my taxi ID at the dashboard—asked her favorite things, and asked her address, but I didn’t tell him.

“I’m sorry, Miss.” I was sick and I don’t know why I say sorry to her. I mean I didn’t avoid her intentionally.

She releases a deep sigh, like tries to calm herself. “Please take care of yourself well. So, you won’t sick. Don’t overwork, money is important, but health is more important. You get what I mean, right, Miss Kim?”

“Yes, thank you, Miss.”

Is it wrong to think that she’s care to me and it making me happy?

“We’re here, Miss.” I stop my taxi in front of her lobby apartment building.

“Don’t get sick again and it’s a command.” Her voice sterns while stares right to my black orbs.

I nod while smile, shows my chin dimple. “You too, Miss, don’t get sick. Goodnight, Miss.”

“Goodnight. Thank you for today.” Then she gets off from my taxi.

I watch her back that going in to the lobby then walks straight to the elevator. When she turns her body inside the elevator, she looks surprise see me still at my spot, but then she smiles brightly, showing her famous eye smile. Shit! It has been so many days that I didn’t see that contagious smile. My fragile heart is beating like crazy. That woman really doesn’t know what the effect of her smile to me is. Hell, yeah, today is my happy day. I can’t stop smiling like an idiot for the rest of the night.

Then one thing realizes me. That woman steals my heart. I fall in love with my passenger—my favorite passenger that had a killer eye smile—and she’s a woman.

Shit! I’m a woman too!


“Where have you been?”

For the first time, she sits in the front seat. She wears the seatbelt, folds her arms in the chest, turns her head to the right, and glares at me. It seems like she’s in the bad mood. Really bad mood. I gulp, you can’t underestimate her angry state. What did I do so wrong to receive her glares two days straight?

“I’m sorry, Miss, earlier while I waited for you, a lady got in to my taxi. I thought it would be unappropriated to said no, beside her destination wasn’t far from your office building. So, I took her to her destination then back to your office building.” I explain to her honestly.

She snorts. “Just give her to Nickhun. You know how long I waited for you? 35 minutes! I was mad at my boss and you worsen it.”

“What your boss did this time, Miss?” I ask calmly.

“He kissed me! No, I need to correct that. He forced his lips in to mine! The worst was he didn’t stop at it, he was also almost forced get into my skirt. That fucking old-fat-smell-man almost raped me! Glad I was learned taekwondo, so I fought him and made his nose bleed. I’m feeling disgust with my own lips right now. Eew!”

While I hear her story, something inside me is boiling. I also get angry at her boss. How dare he do that to my favorite passenger? I’ll make sure to get him later and give him some lectures.

“How far he touched you, Miss?” I grip my steering wheel hardly.

“Just lips and my arms. Before he could lay his fingers inside my shirt and skirt, I already knocked him out.”

Somehow I feel relieve hear that. If that old man laid his filthy fingers inside her shirt and skirt, I swear to kill him. No one can touch my woman and safe from it. Okay, she isn’t my woman. Yet. Yes, yet, because I want her to be mine. All mine.

“I no longer work at that office building because I resigned after I knocked him.”

“Yeah, it’s a good decision, Miss.” Of course I agree with her decision.

“You’re happy with the fact that I no longer work at that office?” she stares me seriously. Okay, I don’t understand her stare again. Something is inside her mind, but I can’t figure her out.

“Yes, of course, because it’s better if you aren’t at one office with that perverts old man.” I reason out.

“You know the meaning of I resigned, right, Miss Kim? It means I’ll search another job and I still don’t have an idea where will my office later. In other words, it’ll be just a tiny chance to us to meet later or maybe we won’t meet anymore, Miss Kim. You’re still happy, Miss Kim?”

I turn my head and find her dark brown orbs are looking through my orbs, tries to searches something. I don’t think about that—about we can’t meet again, about her that won’t be my regular favorite passenger. For months, we were in this—a taxi driver and her passenger—relationship. Oh, my fragile heart will be suffers without her presence, her breath taking eye smile, her sexy husky vice, her a little bit wave long black hair, her pinkish plump lips, and her creamy white skin.

If I can make her to be mine, then we’ll have no problem. However, I don’t know if she swings my way. This is the first time I fall in love with a woman. So, I don’t know what kind of sexual taste of mine or maybe I just turn gay for this woman.

Her frustrate sighs bring me to the real world. I glance at her. She’s no longer stares at me, but looks through the window while lies her head on to the head rest. Then I hear her voice again.

“You must be happy, huh, because your annoying passenger will be no longer at your sight.” Her voice sounds so irk.


“Forget it.” Before I finish my talk, she cuts me. “I’ll just sleep, wake me up when we arrives.” She folds her arms then closes her eyes. Within seconds, I can hear her soft snores.


“Miss.” I try to shake her body slowly.

She stirs then opens her eyes. “Oh.” She stretches her body. “Okay, I guess this is goodbye. Thank you, Miss Kim, for all this time. Hope you’ll always healthy. Remember, never overwork. Goodnight and goodbye, Miss Kim.”

Her right hand already holds the door handle, but I hold her left wrist. She turns her head and frowns when sees my right arm on her left wrist. I lean my body closer to her whiles my left hand go to the back of her neck and land my lips over her pinkish plump lips. Because I don’t want to see her reaction, I close my eyes and move my lips, try to taste every inch of her lips. I don’t know that her lips will be this soft and taste like strawberry, I guess it’s her lip balm.

The sad thing is she isn’t replying my kiss. Well, I guess she really isn’t swing my way. After—I don’t know for how long I kiss her—I let go her lips. When I open my eyes, I find her eyes staring deeply at my orbs again.

“What is that for?” she asks, seems I make her mood worsen again.

“To erase the trace of your pervert boss lips, Miss.”

You know what happens next? She shows me her fucking gorgeous eye smile. Sorry for my word.

“Kiss me again.”

Oh. My. God! Is it my ears hear wrong or is she really asks me to kiss her again? She chuckles and leans closer. This kiss is different from the first. Now she’s moving her lips, heck, she also allows me to suck her tongue. Oh, yeah, I always imagine this—kissing with her—never thought before that I’ll kiss her for real. Can I think that she likes me too?

We just stop kissing—or making out?—after we need to take a breath. I can say that kiss with her is the most awesome thing I’ve ever done.

“Thank you for erase that old man trace on my lips.” She shows me again her eye smile.

Fuck! If she does that again, I’ll die in happiness for sure.

“No problem, Miss. Before you go, can I ask for your name, Miss? Or maybe your number?” I ask hesitate.

“My name is…” she stops for a while then smirks. “I’ll tell my name and my number if we ever meet again. I just want to know what our destiny is. From that kiss, I can say that our feelings are mutual, right?”

I nod. “Good. So, I want to know what destiny thinks.”

“If we ever meet again, I won’t let you go, Miss.”

She smiles widely, another crescent smile is appearing. “Yes, please do that. So, goodbye for now and I really look forward to meet you again, Kim Taeyeon.”

Then she gets out from my taxi and disappears in to her apartment building. I let you go for now, but later I won’t. I will make you mine, Miss whoever-your-name-is.


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