Joohyun ran to a lady who seemed still in her early 30’s. Her dark brown hair was flying beautifully by the wind. I forgot to breathe when I realized I knew her. Tiffany Hwang, my girlfriend 6 years ago.

She hugged Joohyun happily while asked Joohyun activities that day. Joohyun told Tiffany with her rapid-like-rap-talk. Then she realized there was another person stood not too far from them. I could see she shocked as second as her eyes landed on me, but then she tried to hide it and gave me a fake smile instead.

“Hallo! I’m Tiffany, Joohyun mom. Seems like I rarely see you here, Miss.”

Oh, so now we didn’t know each other? I was just a stranger now to you? Okay, let’s played it like that, Hwang.

“Hallo! I’m Taeyeon, the new principal at this school. I just work here since a week ago. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Tiffany.”

“Nice to meet you too, Miss Taeyeon. Hope my Joohyun doesn’t troubling you.”

Nice to meet you too my ass. You didnt look pleased to meet me, Hwang.

“Oh, no. Joohyun is so smart. She isn’t a  troublesome kid.”

“Thank God then.” Another fake smile. “I’m sorry, Miss Taeyeon, but we need to excuse ourself.”

“Oh, okay, Mam.” I squated down, saw Joohyun in the eyes. “See you tomorrow, Joohyun. Be good to your mom.” I patted her head.

“Okay, Miss Taeyeon.” Unlike her mom, Joohyun was spreading a genuine smile to me.

As soon as they went, I could hear my heart was broken into pieces. The girlfriend I was loved the most already married with another person and had a daughter. While me, I was still single because I couldn’t really moved on from Tiffany. We were in relationship for 3 years. We were struggled from troubles until one day we were tired because those troubles made us fought so much. We thought that was will be the best for us to be separated. We thought that we would be better without each other, but we were wrong.

Life had been so rough to me, even after I broke up with Tiffany. Until now I still felt down if I remembered that day. I often thought what would happened if we were still together. I thought it was still been better than when we weren’t together.

And now, I’d been hurt again by her.


Another week passed by and in that week I saw Tiffany always picked up Joohyun, but the most irritated me was when Tiffany wasn’t alone. Sometimes a handsome man, with well build body, accompanied Tiffany. I bet he was her husband. I was jealous. I still didn’t believe that Tiffany had a daughter with another man. Well, I didn’t want to believe it to be honest.

“Taenggu, she isn’t yours anymore. Let her go, Taenggu, or you will hurt yourself.” Yuri, my closest friend, looked at me with her worried eyes. She was there when I broke down after I broke up with Tiffany. So, she knew really well how hurt I was.

Let her go, she said it liked it was the most easy and normal thing to do. If let her go was easy, I won’t suffered so much.


“Since when that you got married with that man?”

Another pick up, but I didn’t want to talk around the bush. I was really curious at many things about her. She looked not expected me to asked so straight forward.

“Why you want to know?” There wasn’t any fake smile or she tried to be nice to me. She retarded with rudeness.

“Why I can’t know about this?”

“Because it isn’t your business, Miss Principal. You have no right to ask about my life anymore. You’re just a principal at my daughter school, no more than that. Good afternoon, Miss Principal, I’ll take my leaving.”

Why her words stabbed me right in the heart? It caused me so much pain.


I tried to open my eyes and as soon as I open it, my head was throbbing so badly. I massaged my temple, hope the pain would disappeared. I drink a glass of water and an aspirin that placed at the bedside table.

I smelled something was being cooked and someone voice in another room. I roamed my eyes and just realized that I wasn’t in my room. The room I was in was had pink theme. I bet the owner of this room was a pink geek.

I got curious with the owner of the house, so I walked out from the room and saw Tiffany cooked something at her kitchen while talked on the phone. Joohyun sat on the chair at the dining table. Her eyes engrossed on a book.

“What am I doing here?”

My words startled Tiffany that she was almost drops her phone. She glanced at me before focused with her activities again.

“Okay, I’ll check it again. Thank you, Jesi.” Then she cut off the line.

“Morning, Miss Taeyeon.” Joohyun greeted me then back to her book.

“Morning, Joohyun.” I replied then took a seat across Joohyun.

Tiffany set three american breakfast at the dining table. “You eat first, baby. Mommy wants to talk to your principal first.” Then she glared at me. “You follow me.”

We were back to the pink theme room. I forgot that Tiffany loved pink so much. After I closed the door, she glared at me while crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“You asked me what you were doing here? Let me tell you, last night you drunk called me, said nonsense words then the bartender of the club was asked me to pick you up. So, you tell me now, what were you doing? Why you were drinking so much when you knew you couldn’t handle the alcohol well?”

I drunk called her? I did remember I went to the club because I felt so down last night because of her, but I didn’t remember anything than that.

“Nonsense words? What did I say?”

“Try to remember yourself, I won’t tell you.”

Oh, I won’t remember it then. “Then why you brought me to your house?”

“First, I didn’t know your house. Two, I hadn’t have your friends number. So, I had no choice.”

Okay, made sense. “Where’s your husband?”

“He’s going to Japan.” She answered it fast liked expected that I would asked that. “Eat your breakfast and go.”

“Wait, I still have questions. Since—”

“And I don’t care with that. Eat your breakfast and go.” She cut my words.

I knew I won’t had chance to be just with her liked this again. So, I didn’t want to waste it.

“Since when you got married with that man? We broke up 6 years ago and Joohyun is 5 years old. It means you got married after we broke up. Am I right, Fany?” I tried to read her expression, but she showed no expression.

“Whatever you think is.”

“Or you were already with him when you were still with me?” No answer from her. She just stared at my eyes, but she being quiet made me mad. “Were you or were you not played with my heart? Did you two timing me? Did you have another lover behind my back?”

She sighed, looked tired. “We were having relationship, but not anymore now. What happened in the past should stay in the past, no need to talk about it again because it won’t change anything. You understand me, Tae?”

Tae. My nickname from her. It has been so long since the last time I heard that nickname. Oh, I missed her to call me that.

“We were over, Tae. So, stop making a fuss.”

Another heartbroken made by Tiffany Hwang.


Six months later, Joohyun graduated from my kindergarten school. It was mean I won’t see Tiffany again when she picked Joohyun up. I did stay away from her since our fought at her room. I just could see her from far away.

I tried really hard to move on. So, when a young teacher at my school tried to approach me, Seolhyun, I welcomed her. She was pretty too, but sometimes I couldn’t help not to compare her with Tiffany.


A new semester was started without Joohyun, without Tiffany. I felt empty. No matter what Seolhyun did, she still couldn’t fill my emptiness that Tiffany left.

I was a bit shocked when Tiffany’s husband paid me a visit one day. He said that Tiffany was sick and he wanted me to visit her.

“Why you think that my visit will make her better?”

“Because I know what you two were.” He smiled. He didn’t look annoyed or angry.

After thought for a while, I said yes. Well, I missed her and worried too.


Tiffany looked so thin and pale. Her husband said that she rarely ate and over thinking not just work, but some other things. In those 3 months, she already went to the hospital 5 times. Then her husband left me alone with her because he said he must to back to his office.

I sighed sadly while stroked her hair. “What happens to you, Fany?”

But no answer because she slept. I held her right hand, the hand that I used to hold before.

“What are you doing here?”

I knew this icy voice. Must be her. I turned my head and saw Jessica who glared at me liked thrown dagger to me. She walked nearer to Tiffany’s bed. She stood across me, still glared at me.

“Her husband asked me to pay Fany a visit.”

“You know why she likes this?”

I nodded. “She’s stress.”

“You know what make her stress?”

I frowned. “Work, isn’t it?”

“No, you’re wrong. It isn’t work. It’s you, even since years ago, it was always you.”

Okay, she made me confuse. “What do you mean, Sica?”

“You made my friend pregnant and left her. You knew how much she was broken? Then when she was steady, you were coming again made her barrier that she build all this time was broken. She was hurt again. She often blamed herself to let you go, to push you away, even though you still had her heart with you. I didn’t know what make her so in love with you, even after all those years. So, now you know what make her stress.”

“Wait, wait, I made your friend pregnant? You mean Fany?”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Did you impregnate another woman, other than Tiff?”

“I never made Fany pregnant.”

“You did remember that you had sex with her, right?” I nodded. “You think all your sex with her won’t make her pregnant?”

I became quiet, tried to absorb the information.

“Her daughter name is Kim Joohyun.”

“But her husband—”

“He isn’t her husband, stupid. He’s her brother, Leo. I thought you saw him years ago. Tiff is a single parent because she didn’t want to get married with other person when she isn’t move on from you yet. She—”

“Enough, Jess.” A weak voice heard in that room.

I and Jessica turned our heads to the voice.

“Fany, is that true that Joohyun is my daughter?” I tried to confirm to Tiffany.

She sighed. “Yes.” She glared at Jessica. “You reveal too much, Jess.”

“Because I hate to see you like this just because of her. She needs to know about your suffering.” Jessica reasoned out.

“Why you didn’t tell me? If you said you were pregnant, we won’t be like this.”

“I was afraid that you would break up with me if you knew about it.” She didn’t try to lie or went around the bush to answer me.

“I won’t if I knew. All I knew was you were distancing from me. I thought you were tired with me because you also didn’t fight when I asked to broke up. I’m sorry, Fany, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay, it won’t change anything though even if you know now.”

“No, let’s get marry.” I said seriously.

She was taken aback, but she faced it liked nothing happened. “You’re drunk. Just go home.”

“I’m serious, Tiffany Hwang. I won’t let—”

“Then how about your little girlfriend? You will just abandon her? Left her after you did her?” There was sarcasm in her words.

She talked about Seolhyun. “I don’t know that you were stalking me, Fany.” I smirked, happy to saw jealous Fany. “She isn’t my girlfriend and we weren’t doing anything more than eat and watch cinema together. So, chill, Fany, she can’t fill the empty space after you left. I’m still all over you. So, marry me, Tiffany Hwang?”

“Oh, I think I wanna puke.” Jessica walked out from the room, left me and Tiffany alone.

“Marry me, please, Tiffany Hwang. I can’t if it isn’t you.” I looked at her with my pleading eyes. “Please….”


That was my fifth glasses of liquor and my head was already throbbing so hard. My vision became blurry. I knew I got drunk, I tried so much to forget the pain that Tiffany gave, but it didn’t work. The pain was still there. I took out my phone from my pocket pants and dialed a number.

“Hallo?” A melodious voice was heard over the phone. A voice that I loved and hate in the same time.

“I miss you, Fany. Why you break my heart? I’m dying because of you.” I rambled to her.

“Are you drunk?” Did I hallucination that she seemed worry?

“I’m not drunk, Fany. Why—” then someone snatched my phone. It was the bartender guy.

“Hello, I’m the bartender, Heechul. Are you her friend? Can you pick her up? Because she’s really drunk yet she keeps drinking.” He stopped for a while, maybe listened to Tiffany spoke. “She’s at Eleven Club. Okay.” Then he gave back my phone with the already dead line.

I glared at her, mad because he cut my called with my Tiffany. “Why you cut my call?”

“She’s going to pick you up. Stop drinking and wait for her.” He said sternly.


She did pick me up. She brought me to her home. She had thrown my body to the bed. I looked to the room and it was full of pink things: the cupboard, the bedside table, the bed, and the clock on the wall. She still obsessed with pink.

Then I saw she was going to left the room. I back hugged her, her body jerked, startled. I put my head on her left shoulder.

“Don’t leave me again, Fany. Stay with me. Stay with me.” I said in her ear.

“I just wanna go to the bathroom. Let me go.” She was tried to let my arms go from her body.

“No, I won’t let you go again.”

I turned her head so she faced me. Her sexy lips were inviting me. Well, it was what I thought. So, I smacked my lips to hers. I moved my lips on her, but she just stay still, not replied back my kiss.

“Are you done? You smell of alcohol.” Her voice sounded annoyed.

I let go of my arms from her body. I dropped my head down.

“I’m sorry.”


“Okay.” I nodded weakly and walked back to the bed.

I laid my body on the bed and pulled the blanket over my body. She went out from the room and the room silent after that. I closed my eyes, felt so tired suddenly, but my eyes opened immediately when I heard someone went inside the room. She wore a short pink pants and a white loosened tee. Why she was so hot?

“What?” She snapped while looked at me angrily.

“Why you so sexy?” It was supposed to be a whisper, but she seemed heard that. I looked at her hungrily, her black bra were so visible on her tee.

Pink shades were visible on her cheeks. “Tell me something I don’t know.” She sat at the edge of the bed. “Why you drank? What’s troubling you?” Worried was showed in her eyes.

“You.” I stared at her dark brown eyes. “I can’t move on from you yet you’re already moving on from me. I’m such a pathetic woman. I was often thought if I could turn back time, I wouldn’t let you go. I thought it would be the best for us to get separated yet it was the worst decision I had ever made. I was miserable. I didn’t know that you had so much power on me, Fany. I know I’m such an egoist if ask you to divorce with your husband and be with me. What shall I do, Fany?” I didn’t realize that tears were going down my cheeks.

She was coming closer to me, wiped away my tears. “I’m sorry for hurting you, Tae.”

Soft lips landed on mine. “Don’t be hurt.” She said between my lips.

Our lips met again. Our lips were dancing. I forgot how wonderful her lips were. In another second, I already ate her lips hungrily, bitten her lower lips made her lets out a groan.

I pushed her down, ran my lips to her white neck. A soft moan came out from her mouth. She wrapped her arms to my neck.

“Make love to me, Tae, and promise me don’t ever let me go again.” She whispered on my left ear.

“I won’t let you go again, Fany.” I stated.


I woke up with heavy breath. What was that? Was that just a dream or it was really happened when I was drunk? I reached to my bedside table and got my phone. I called the number on the top list of my recent calls.

A repeated vibrate echo at my room. That vibrate came from my bedside table, another phone with Louis Vuitton case. I didn’t remember I had a phone with that case.

“Is that my phone or yours?” A hoarse voice came from my right side.

“Oh my! You scare me!” I opened my eyes widely. “Fany? What are you doing here?” I asked her, shocked by her appearance beside me, on my bed.

Immediately, I lower my gaze at her body. I gulped hard when I noticed she just wore a piece of cloth to hide her womanhood. No bra. I repeated, no bra. Holy shit! My eyes were so blessed this morning.

She looked at me with disbelief. “Why you always forget after we did it?”

It?” I frowned. “What it you refer for?”

“What do you think after you see me just in my underwear and laying beside you?”

I gulped. “Did we also do it when I was drunk that night?”


“Then it wasn’t just a dream.” I talked to myself.

“What dream?” She heard it.

My cheeks got pink shade. “I was dreaming about that night, about what we talked and we did.”

“What we were talking in your dream?” She got curious.

“I asked you to stay then you said don’t let you go again. Was it true?”

“Yes, but you just went away when I asked you to go. You’re so stupid, Tae.”

“I’m sorry, Fany. I didn’t remember that night at all.”

“Kiss me and you will be forgiven.” She said while smirking. Oh, so sexy. Suddenly, her cheeks were blushing. “Why you always hard in the morning, Tae?” Then she chuckled.

I lower my gaze at my lower part. Yes, she was true. My friend down there was already stood so proud inside the blanket that covered our bodies.

“Because you’re so sexy?” I scratched my-not-itchy-neck while smiled awkwardly.

She pecked my lips softly. “Wanna have another round before we’re going to work?”

Oh, oh, I couldn’t turn her down. “Yes.”

She laughed so hard. “Why you’re so cute, Taetae?”

“Because that makes you love me?”

She nodded. “Right. I love you so much, Tae.”

“And I love you more, Fany, not just because you’re sexy, but because it’s you.”

“So greasy, Tae.” Then we laughed together.

Oh, how I loved to wake up beside her. I got to see her face after I opened my eyes. Slept with her in my embrace. Now I didn’t care whatever the troubles were, I won’t let her go again.


2 thoughts on “Reunited?

  1. Haii,, author, , salam kenal,, 🙂

    “Hallo! I’m Tiffany, Joohyun mom. Seems like I rarely see you here, Miss.”
    “…My friend down there was already stood so proud inside the blanket that covered our ….”
    oya,, author tae Miss or Mr? ”

    Saya fikir tae Girls yang bisa menghamili fany 😀
    Ok,,no problem, , saya suka tulisanmu,, dan ide ceritanya 🙂


    1. hai, salam kenal juga! makasih, lho, ya, udah baca cerita saya.
      Ah, iya, saya lupa bilang di depan kalo Taeyeon di sini itu punya part spesial alias futanari.


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