“Yah, Kim Taeyeon!”

A smirk came out on my face when I heard her voice. She was angry, I knew and I expected it. Her angry reaction was all I needed that time. I—who sat on the couch in the living room while watched television—turned my head toward her voice. I saw her walked toward me. Her eyes were shooting death glared. Her jaw stiffened. Oh, yeah, I perfectly made her mad.

“Yes, Stephanie Young Hwang.” I answered her calmly.

She stopped in front of me. “What. Is. This?” She showed me her phone.

In her phone, there was a photo of me that I just uploaded it a while ago. I wore a black shirt with a lot holes at my arms and my chest, showed my black bra and a bit of my breast.

“It was my teaser image for my digital single.” Again, I replied her calmly and it just triggered her anger more. I really wanted to smirk then laughed out loud.

“What did I say about no sexy photos, Kim Taeyeon? I told you before that I hate when you showed your body too much. Delete it now!” Her voice was so demanding.

I rolled my eyes. “I rarely show my skin too much, Miyoung. It was you who often did that. Remember what you wore when you watched my concert? A tank top, Hwang, and you showed your boobs to everyone when you bowed. You gave peoples an amazing view.”

“What did you call me, Kim?”

She hated when someone called her with her Korean name. “Miyoung.”

“You’re dead, Kim!” She launched her body toward me and strangled me. “Never called me by that name, you knew it, Kim!”

“I-I’m sorry.” I said. No, she wasn’t really strangled me. Yes, she strangled me, but she didn’t do it with full force.

She let go of my neck and sat on my lap. “Delete your sexy photo right now!”

“Baby, even though I delete it now, People already see it.”

“Ugh!” She groaned frustrated.

She did something on her phone and looked serious. I never knew why she always looked pretty with everything she did. I wrapped my arms on her wrist then started to give her neck light kissed.

“Don’t disturb me now, Kim Taeyeon!” She said sternly, but I didn’t care.

I felt she neglected me this week and I hate it. I really missed her, but she didn’t care about it. She was busied because she had to shoot her new music video “Don’t Speak” featuring Far East Movement. It was on midnight when she came home—our apartment since 4 years ago—and she didn’t sleep with me. Every time I wanted to cuddle with her, she would reject me and said that she was tired. One week she didn’t let me touched her and it frustrated me. So, I uploaded my teaser image that showed my breast. I knew she would mad saw that and I was right.

My lips went to her neck again and inhaled deeply of her scent. I really loved her scent. No, it wasn’t right. I really love all about her. All, literally. She was just perfect, inside and outside. She was my girlfriend by the way and no one could take her from me. She was all I need and I was all her need.

We were Kim Taeyeon and Tiffany Hwang from Girls’ Generation or SNSD. I was the leader. I knew Tiffany since the first day she came to SM, our company. I was her first friend. Years with her were the best thing ever. I just realized that I fell in love with her was 9 years ago. At first, I denied it because we were both women and people still didn’t accept about the same gender relationship. After 2 years tried to deny my feeling to her, I gave up and told her.

She distanced herself from me when she heard that. It was hurt me, but I accepted it. At that time, even people could sense something was wrong with us. Because her attitude was so different, she became cold to me, and didn’t want to get near me. However, months later, she was back to herself and no longer on denial. I was so happy when she said she fell in love with me too. Then she became my girlfriend since then, but our fans didn’t know it.

We never made an official statement, but seemed our fans already knew that we were together. They thought that my attitude was beyond just a friend or best friend. Well, I never thought Tiffany as my friend, she was my wife.

“There!” Her voice brought me back from my deep thought. “Check your Instagram.”

“Can I do it later?” asked me. I just wanted to kiss her body all over.

“Now, Kim Taeyeon!” she said sternly while glared at me.

I nodded. “Yes, Madam Hwang.” I took my phone from the table beside the sofa.

I opened my Instagram account and saw many notifications. I saw this familiar ID that caught my eyes. KIMTAEYEONISMINE. It was her other account, you could see the possessive side of her just from her ID. Well, if you didn’t notice yet, her public Instagram account ID was xolovestephi, X-O in Korean keyboard were ᄐ(t) and ᅤ (ae). So, her ID means taelovestephi. While my ID was taeyeon_ss. You knew what SS means? Sexy Stephanie. So, taeyeon_ss means taeyeon_sexystephanie. You didn’t have to roll your eyes when you read the means of my ID. She was really sexy, more over when she screamed my name with pleasure.

Back to her private account, she just uploaded a photo of me—my teaser image that I uploaded earlier—but she edited it. The holes on my arms and chest were gone. She made the shirt all black and no holes. I read the caption that she wrote below the photo. “No, Kim Taeyeon! You can’t show it to anyone else, unless me! #KIMTAEYEONISMINE #KTYISMINE #Taeyeon #SNSD #Girlsgeneration #protectivesone #possesivesone”

I chuckled. She was so cute when she did that.

“I just wore that because the stylist asked me, Fany.” I reasoned out that wasn’t totally lied.

“Why you didn’t tell me before?” She wasn’t calm down yet.

I pouted. “You were busy and neglected me. Every time you came home, you would go to your room and slept. You didn’t have time to talk to me. So, how could I say it to you when you didn’t give me your time?” I let out my thought so she knew about how sad I was.

Her angry face and her glared disappeared changed with guilty look. She wrapped her arms to my neck and hugged me. It made my nose smell her shampoo. Oh, I love smelling her hair.

“I’m sorry, Tae-Tae. I didn’t mean to neglect you. I was so tired and I thought you were already slept, that was why I slept in my room. I didn’t want to disturb you. I’m sorry, Tae-Tae.” She loosened her arms so she could look into my eyes. “I love you, Tae, so much.” Then she gave me what I needed most: her lips.

I smiled widely, showed my dimple chin. Happy of course. “I love you so much too, Fany.”

Her lips back to my lips and we were moved our lips in sync. I nibbled her lower lips and she opened her mouth. I was—without hesitation—entry her mouth with my tongue. Our tongues danced crazily. Out of breath, she let go off my lips. I run my lips on her neck and it made her let out a very melodious voice in the world: moaned. In minutes, I succeed made a few love marks on her white neck.

“Damn, Tae!” She cursed in English. Oh, she was so sexy when she talked in English.

She wore a white tank top and a denim shorts. She rarely wore a bra when she was at home with me only. So, when I pulled off her tank top, her beautiful-big breasts welcomed me. Her breasts were different when we first met, a bit small. After years she became my girlfriend, her breasts were bigger and it was because of my magical hands and mouth.

“People out there are just can look at your boobs, but I, Kim Taeyeon, can do this.” I sucked her right breast while squeezed her left breast.

“Shit!” She arched her back on my lap. “I’m so sensitive now, Tae. I’m horny already.”

“It’s because it has been so long without us touched each other, Fany.”

I knew she rolled her eyes. “It was just a week, Tae.”

“But it felt like a year for me, Fany.” I let go my mouth from her right breast and pouted.

She chuckled. “Aigoo, my baby is so cute. Let me give you a kiss.” She cupped my face and gave me a kiss, a deep kissed.

“Now, now, back to work. Make love to me, Tae-Tae.” She demanded while licked her lips seductively. Holy shit! She was so damn sexy! How could I say no when she did that?


Without any more thought, I buried my face between her breasts and marked her breasts as mine. I went to her left breast, licked her pinkish nipple while my right hand got busied fondled her right breast. I glanced to her and saw she closed her eyes, enjoyed the pleasure that I gave to her breasts.

“Ugh! My breasts feel so good, Tae.”

And your words make me hornier, Fany. I lifted her body and laid her down on to the couch. My lips went down to her belly, kissed it all the way. She felt so ticklish when I kissed her belly. I run my tongue on her belly, licked every inch of her belly. I licked it faster and rougher then went to her amazing mound, licked her left nipple.

“Shit! It feels so good, Tae. Ahh~” She moaned sexily.

Oh, yeah, I really knew what it felt and I knew she liked it when I did that.

“Lower, Tae. I need you the most on my lower part.”

I smirked. “Can’t hold it any more, Baby?” I teased her.

“Yes, Tae.” She looked into my eyes lustfully.

I went lower and stop at her thighs. I pulled off her denim shorts and got welcomed by her red lacy underwear. She was so hot. I nibbled her thighs, marked her, Then when to her center spot, my favorite part of her, beside her butt of course. I licked her core from outside her underwear.

“Take it off, Baby, take it off!” My baby was so demanding, but I still did what she said.

Oh, hello, perfectly-neat-and-clean-shaved pussy! Long time no see. I missed you so much. She always took care of her lower part and I liked that. Oh, please, I loved all about her.

 I inhaled her pussy’s scent. Her lower scent was made me addicted. I licked her outer lips pussy and it made her groaned in pleasure. I parted her pussy lips with my left fingers, gave me better accessed to put in my tongue.

I felt her nectar flowed inside her pussy. Oh, yeah, I made her so wet. The taste of her nectar was so delicious. She liked ate fruits and it made her nectar felt so delicious. Her nectar was the most delicious yoghurt.

“You’re so wet, Baby.” I smirked.

“Of course I’m wet, you silly.”

I back to her wet pussy: licked her outer lips then let my tongue slipped into her core. I could feel her pussy squeezed my tongue. I moved my tongue in and out from her pussy while my left fingers played with her clitoris.

“Ugh, Tae! Faster, Baby~”

“With pleasure, Baby.” I did what she said: faster my tongue pace inside her. Usually, if we didn’t do it for a long time, she would easily reach her climax.

“I’m almost there, Tae. More, Baby, more~”

See? She almost climax, but I took out my tongue from her pussy. It made her gave me another death glared.

“What the hell, Kim Taeyeon?! Get back now!”

“Wait, Baby.” I stood then run to my room and looked for something.

A few days ago, I got this gift from my fans. I totally shocked when I opened the gift. It was a strap on dildo 8 inch and it was pink, a hot pink. Seemed the fans who gave me that were a locksmith—I and Fany’s shipper— but I would gladly use that thing.

I took off my white shirt and sweatpants then used the pink strap on to my waist and went to the living room—where Tiffany still laid naked on the couch. Her eyes popped out when saw the pink strap on.

“Oh my God, Tae! Where did you get that thing?” She totally shocked.

“I got it from my fans. Maybe this fan knew about us and gave me this to use it when I’m with you.” I smirked.

“Seriously? Your fans gave you that?” She pointed the strap on.

I nodded. “My fans are really amazing, right, Fany?”

She laughed. “Oh, I like your fans because gave you the pink one.”

“And you’ll like it more when this pink thing goes inside you.”

She smirked. “Oh, I can’t wait to it, Tae.” She bit her lips.

Oh, oh! She bit her lips was my weakness. It was totally seductive and sexy. I hovered her again and kissed her lips roughly while my hands were played with her big breasts, fondled her nipples. I sucked her tongue hard and it made her groaned with pleasure.

“T-Tae, I-I can’t hold in any longer. Please, come inside me.” She said when my lips went to her neck.

“Beg more, Baby. I really want to see how much you want me inside you.” I really loved when she begged me. It was so sexy.

I licked her sensitive spot on her neck. I knew it just made her horny than before. I just wanted her to felt how frustrated I was when I couldn’t make love to her this past week.

“Ahh, Tae~ please fuck me with your fake-big-pink cock. I’m so horny and I want you to make me cum so hard.”

Ugh! How I could resist that? I granted her request immediately. I slid in the fake cock into her pussy.

“You’re so tight, Fany.”

“Ah! It’s so big, Tae,” whined Fany while arched her back.

I let her pussy adjusted with my fake cock before started to thrusted in and out. Her wetness made my fake cock moved easier. She moaned loudly and I didn’t care if our neighbors heard us. I let her pussy ate all of my fake cock.

“Oh my God!” She said in English. “It’s so deep.”

I thrusted my fake cock faster whiles my hands squeezed her jiggled breasts.

“Oh, yeah~ I like it, Tae. Make me cum, Baby.”

“I will, Baby.”

I thrusted faster, deeper, and rougher while my hands still on her mounds. I leaned to her and licked her left ear.

“Damn, Tae! I feel so good now. Ahh~”

I could feel her pussy tightened around my fake cock. I pulled the cock and stop at her entrance. She—who closed her eyes—opened her eyes and glared at me.

“Don’t you dare to take it out, Tae!” Then she wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Oh, no, Baby. I just want to do this.” I thrusted in the fake cock all the way her pussy.

“Ahh~ yes, baby, yes. You’re so good, Baby.” She wrapped her arms on my neck.

I went to her creamy white skin neck and licked it. I gave her triple treatments: licked her neck, massage her breasts roughly, and thrusted my fake cock into her pussy.

“Shit! You make me crazy, Tae-Tae. Ahh~ fuck me more, Tae. I almost cum, don’t stop, please…”

Oh, yeah, her aroused expression was the most beautiful and sexy I’ve ever seen. However, she was the only one woman I had sex with. I turned gay just to Tiffany Hwang, my Tiffany Hwang.

“Oh my God, oh my God. I love you, Tae, love you so much. I’m gonna cum, Tae.” Her voice became huskier and it aroused me more. I thrusted in and out, hit her spot.

“I’m cumming, Tae. Arrgghhh~”

I could feel her nectar flowed inside. I pulled out the fake cock and replaced it with my tongue. I sucked her delicious nectar while my hands busied took off the fake cock from my waist.

“N-No, Tae–ahh–I’m still sensitive.”

After no more nectar inside her pussy, I lay beside her and side hugged her weak body. I kissed her forehead.

“Your juice is so delicious, Baby, and I love you too, Fany. You’re the prettiest when you’re climax.”

“Let me rest a bit then I’ll do you.” Tiffany said with eyes closed. She tried to calm her raged breath and rested from the “sports” before.

“Uh-huh! I’m fine, Baby.” Yes, I was horny, but saw her climax was enough. I could play with myself later.

She didn’t reply me and I let her rested. I stared at her face and her body. I loved the fact that just me who can saw her in this state. People just can drooled over her, but me, I could make her screaming my name with so much pleasure. Oh, how lucky I was because had her.

Then she opened her eyes and found my eyes at her. She was hovered me and attached my lips. Uh-uh! The beastFany just woke up.

“Now, it’s my turn, Tae-Tae.” She let out an evil smirked. She stared at my naked body from top to toe then licked her lips.

Ugh! I couldn’t say no with her if she already like that. However, I also loved the dominate Tiffany. Soon, she made me screamed her name over and over. Oh, damn! This sexy-beautiful-that-had-big-breasts-and-beautiful-butt woman made me loved her deeply. Oh, yeah, I loved Tiffany Hwang so much. She was my woman and no one can change that, even you.


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